Child Nutrition

Free and Reduced Meals

ILTexas offers healthy meals to our students every school day. The ILTexas Student Nutrition Department participates in the National School Lunch program which provides breakfast and lunch free or at a reduced cost to eligible families. ILTexas families who believe that their family may be eligible to receive meals free or at a reduced price, should complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Application linked below for their household. 

The Student Nutrition Department will review all applications and parents will be notified of the results within ten days of receipt of the application. All applications will be handled privately and information will be kept confidential. Students who participate in this program will be treated in the same manner as those who pay the full price. Applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Each student who was enrolled on the last day of school and received benefits will continue to receive benefits for a short grace period (less than 30 operating days) until the new application is approved. Parents are encouraged to return applications as soon as possible to prevent the loss of benefits. A new application must be received each school year. If the grace period expires before an application is processed and approved, the student will be charged the full price for meal.

*TDA determines new eligibility guidelines AFTER July 1st

Free and Reduced Meal Applications 2022-2023

Complete one form per family and include all students within the family who are enrolled in International Leadership of Texas. Paper forms are also available on the campuses.

Please complete the following form only if your student(s) attends one of the following campuses: ILTexas Lancaster K-8, ILTexas Lancaster-DeSoto High School, ILTexas Woodhaven K-8, ILTexas Orem K-8, ILTexas Windmill Lakes K-8, ILTexas Windmill Lakes-Orem High School.

Free & Reduced Price Meal Application (CEP Campuses) 

Please complete the following form if your student(s) attends any other ILTexas campus:

Free & Reduced Priced Meal Application (NSLP Campuses)